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About the Crime Statistics Agency

The Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) is responsible for processing, analysing and publishing Victorian crime statistics, independent of Victoria Police.

The CSA aims to provide an efficient and transparent information service to assist and inform policy makers, researchers and the Victorian public.

The legal basis for the Crime Statistics Agency is the Crime Statistics Act 2014, which provides for the publication and release of crime statistics, research into crime trends, and the employment of a Chief Statistician for that purpose.

Under the provisions of the Act, the Chief Statistician is empowered to receive law enforcement data from the Chief Commissioner of Police and is responsible for publishing and releasing statistical information relating to crime in Victoria.


What we do

Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Improve the accessibility of crime statistics for all Victorians
  • Strengthen the integrity and quality of recorded crime data and instil public confidence in crime statistics
  • Build an evidence base to support decision making and policy development
  • Provide tools that improve the statistical literacy of stakeholders and clients, including data users and commentators

In order to achieve these objectives the Crime Statistics Agency publishes quarterly statistical releases of reported crime data. These releases include the number and rate of offences across Victoria, demographic characteristics of victims and alleged offenders and family and domestic violence incidents.

In addition to the regular publication of crime statistics, the CSA undertakes research and analysis activities into recorded crime and criminal justice issues and trends in Victoria.

Through the process of producing our statistical outputs, we will create and maintain a comprehensive database of recorded crimes in Victoria and maintain databases on behalf of other agencies as data custodians.

The Crime Statistics Agency endeavours to promote a greater understanding of crime statistics by providing advice and assistance to government, media and the public to ensure data users are able to more accurately interpret, understand and critically evaluate the data to inform decision-making.


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