Family Violence Data

In March 2016, the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence (Royal Commission) concluded a 13-month inquiry and handed down a list of 227 recommendations, all of which were accepted by the Government.

Among these findings were a selection of recommendations that specifically related to the collection, recording and reporting of data on the incidence and characteristics of family violence in Victoria.

Recommendation 205 specified that the Crime Statistics Agency undertake the maintenance and development of "the Victorian Family Violence Database and consider
what additional data sets should be incorporated in the database, how links between all relevant data sets can be created, and how the database can otherwise be developed."

In this portal you can access the Family Violence Dashboard containing interactive visualisations of family violence data, detailed Excel data tables, and explanatory materials and definitions for the information in these pages. Key statistics on family violence in geographic areas, were previously presented in infographics, are now also contained in the Family Violence Dashboard.

Family Violence Dashboard

Access the interactive Power BI dashboard showing key measures of family violence from a range of data sources.

Family Violence Data Tables

Download data tables with key measures from the 2022-23 Family Violence Database.

Explanatory Notes and Definitions

Explanatory notes, definitions and terminology used in the Family Violence Database.