Guide for use

Using the interactive dashboards

Each data source has its own set of interactive visualisations with a number of dashboards that contain key family violence measures. This guide for use will outline key points in navigating through the dashboards and filtering the data to focus on specific areas of interest.

Navigation panel

Each of the visualisations has a navigation panel along the top. This allows you to explore each of the components by clicking on the box that you are interested in. Each visualisation includes similar measures tailored to each of the different data sources. They will include key measures such as the number of clients, services or cases and demographic information about the people involved.

Explanatory notes and key definitions

The first dashboard of each data source includes information about the agency/department as well as key definitions of the terms used in each of the subsequent dashboards.

Filtering the dashboards

Each dashboard contains filters that allow you to focus on areas of interest. The main filters included in the dashboards allow you to change the following;

  • Financial year
  • Type of program/service/application
  • Geographic area
  • Gender of people involved
  • Relationship of people involved

Handy hints

On some of the dashboards you will see a large asterisk symbol . This denotes there is a handy hint or tip that relates to that specific dashboard. Hover your mouse over the symbol and the tip will pop up.

Crime Statistics Agency, 2017
Crime Statistics Agency, 2017
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