Measure specification for ‘proportion of crime resolved within 30 days'


This page provides outline the Victoria Police specification for Budget Paper 3 (BP3) measure ‘proportion of crime resolved within 30 days. This measure is published in the Victoria Police and Department of Justice and Community Safety annual reports.


The Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) provides official Victorian crime data to several organisations for use in their annual reporting requirements. 
Since the commencement of operations in 2015 the CSA has provided Victoria Police data for a range of Victoria Government Budget Paper (BP3) measures included in their annual report. However, Victoria Police has continued to use internal data for the ‘proportion of crime (Crimes against the person and Property and deception) resolved in 30 days’ measure. For 2018-19 reporting, data for this measure was sourced from CSA rather than Victoria Police. 

Proportion of crime resolved within 30 days

To provide data to Victoria Police for this measure the CSA provide LEAP data that adheres to the following specification.


July to May (Total offences reported during this period and cleared within 30 days)

July to May (Total offences reported during this period)


To operationalise this formula the CSA uses the following definitions:

Offences – this refers to all offences recorded on LEAP, the CSA uses the Recorded Offences population, as extracted from LEAP on 18 July of the given year.
Reference period – this refers to 1 July to 30 May for the given year (e.g. 1 July 2018 to 30 May 2019).
Reported – this refers to the Victoria Police recorded that they received the report of the offence.
30 Days – this refers to records with a duration of 0 to 30 days from report date to the date the investigation status was entered on LEAP (result date).
Cleared – this refers to records with a ‘cleared’ investigation status, Victoria Police have advised that cleared records have an investigation status other than ‘unsolved’ or ‘intent to summons’, these are considered not cleared.