Unique Alleged Offenders

A unique alleged offender is a person who has been recorded by Victoria Police as an alleged offender within the reference period and is represented as a count of one in the data. For more information about counting rules, please refer to the Explanatory Notes.

Please note that movements in recorded crime data may be impacted by changes in legislation and operational police practice. Information is available about notable changes in the Explanatory Notes, refer to this information when comparing data over time. Below highlights substantial changes that should be considered when analysing the data.

From March 2020 to December 2021 Victoria responded to the global COVID-19 pandemic through a range of health responses that included periods of restrictions on people’s movements and daily activities. The health response was supported by the use of offence codes relating to breaches of Chief Health Officer (CHO) Directions the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (External link). The restrictions on movement and introduction of breaches of CHO directions had a flow on effect for Victorian recorded crime, and this differed by crime type. For more information about the impacts of COVID-19 on crime please see the CSA paper Police-recorded crime trends in Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic: update to the end of December 2020Data trends overtime should be interpreted with caution.

Downloadable excel files are available on the Download data webpage.

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Key movements in the number and rate of unique alleged offenders


Unique Alleged Offenders - Tabular Visualisation

The unique alleged offenders data visualisation contains the number and rate of alleged offender incidents recorded in Victoria, and demographic characteristics of alleged offenders. Downloadable excel files are available on the Download data webpage.

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Crime Statistics Agency, 2023
Crime Statistics Agency, 2023
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