Media Release: Number of Family Violence Intervention Order matters heard in specialist family violence courts 2.7 times higher than last year

The Crime Statistics Agency has today released key family violence measures from the 2022-23 Victorian Family Violence Database.

There has been a significant increase in the number of cases heard in the specialist family violence court division of the Magistrates’ Court due to more specialist courts commencing operation. In 2022-23, 22,916 original FVIO applications were heard in the specialist division, compared with 8,438 in 2021-22. This indicates that more family violence cases are receiving specialised treatment in court, with staff who have been specially trained in the complex dynamics of family violence.

The Crime Statistics Agency’s Chief Statistician, Fiona Dowsley, said this represents a significant advance in how the Victorian criminal justice system responds to family violence. “There has been a significant increase in the number of family violence intervention order cases heard in the specialist family violence jurisdiction over the past 12 months. This shift demonstrates an increase in the capacity of the criminal justice system to apply specialist knowledge to manage often complex family violence matters. Evidence suggests that this can result in better outcomes for victim survivors of family violence”, she said.

For the first time this year, the Family Violence Database also includes data showing how family violence incidents have progressed through the criminal justice system over the past five years. Approximately half of all family violence incidents attended by police (51%) resulted in them recording a criminal offence, and where an offence was recorded, charges were laid 59% of the time. Ultimately, where a family violence offence was heard in court, 22% resulted in the offender being sentenced to custody.

The 2022-23 Family Violence Dashboard can be accessed here: Family Violence Dashboard | Crime Statistics Agency Victoria (External link)


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