Public consultation paper released about the CSA incident-based collection


Friday 11 August 2017

Public consultation paper released about the CSA incident based collection

The Crime Statistics Agency has today released a public consultation paper about the development of an incident based view of crime statistics in Victoria, due for release on 28 September 2017.

The paper outlines how incident based statistics will better reflect how the community experiences crime, produce more accurate information about crime trends, increase comparability across states and provide access to more information.

Crime Statistics Agency Chief Statistician Fiona Dowsley said that public consultation was important way of introducing the new measure to the Victorian public.

‘We have developed a measure of recorded crime that more accurately reflects the community experience of crime, making it more easily understood by the Victorian public,’ Ms Dowsley said.

‘The paper is designed to inform the community about the incident based collection before the statistics are publicly released and we invite comment from the public about this new measure.’

The CSA welcomes feedback on its incident based statistics until 1 September 2017.

Further information can be found on the CSA website:

For further information please contact:
Crime Statistics Agency

Phone: 8684 1808
Email: (External link)

Crime Statistics Agency, 2017
Crime Statistics Agency, 2017
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