Alleged offender incidents webpage issue identified on 26 November 2020

On Thursday 26 November 2020 the Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) identified an issue with the CSA website that affected the Alleged offender incidents (External link) webpage and the associated excel file 'Data Tables - Alleged Offender Incidents Visualisation - year ending June 2020' on the Download data (External link) webpage. The tabular visualisation on this webpage was displaying incorrect total rate calculations (Males, Females and Persons) in Table 2. Alleged offender incidents and rate per 100,000 population by sex and age, these rates were lower than they should have been. The rate calculations were correct in all other tables.

This issue was immediately rectified, and the tabular visualisation now displays the correct rate calculations and the excel file has been updated. If you used data contained on this webpage or in the excel file between 24 September to 26 November 2020, including the tabular visualisations, please check to ensure you have accessed the most recent Alleged offender incident data.


For further information please contact:
Crime Statistics Agency
Email: (External link)