Predictors of recidivism amongst police recorded family violence perpetrators

30 May 2016


Prior research has identified that a number of factors are associated with an increased risk of recidivism amongst perpetrators of domestic violence and that the risk assessment tools currently available have limited statistical capacity to accurately predict recidivism. In Victoria, police complete a risk assessment form (the L17 form) for each family incident reported to them.

This study sought to analyse the relationship between repeat family incidents, and factors that may predict such incidents including alleged perpetrator characteristics and L17 risk factors recorded by police. Logistic regression modelling identified statistical relationships between some, but not all, of the alleged perpetrator characteristics and risk factors recorded, and the perpetration of further family incidents.

Opportunities for further research are identified, including piloting and evaluation of any new or revised risk assessment tools developed in Victoria.

Crime Statistics Agency
Crime Statistics Agency
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