What outcomes do police record for young alleged offenders in Victoria?

20 July 2016

Previous Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) analyses of youth crime have focused on alleged offences recorded by police, which do not necessarily result in an offender being proven guilty. This fact sheet provides information about the actions police took in response to the offences they recorded for young people over the past 12 months, for example, whether the offender was cautioned, arrested or summonsed. 

Key findings include: 

  • The majority of 10 to 17 year old alleged offenders were only recorded for a single offending incident over the past year. 
  • Over a third of young alleged offenders were only recorded for a caution or warning for their recorded offence(s). 
  • Alleged offenders with a high frequency of offending over the past year were more likely to receive at least one arrest, summons, or intent to summons than those with a low frequency of offending, who were more likely to receive a caution or warning. 
  • Over half of all property and deception and justice procedures offences recorded for youth offenders over the past year were dealt with by way of an arrest. 


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Crime Statistics Agency
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